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For November, we will be having our weekly classes, Mindful Movement, Synergy PilatesTranquil Journeys, and Knitting up through 11/21. There will be no classes on Tuesday-Friday of Thanksgiving week. Classes will resume on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Also, we will be offering a Cathie's Paint Parties class in November (11/18). Download the November calendar here.

The November 2022 newsletter is available here

Our Mission

Images of Hope provides Healing Arts to support all people on the Western Slope of El Dorado County affected by Cancer or other Traumas.

We provide a setting where the stress and confusion of a cancer diagnosis or a trauma can be put on pause while you invest in some time for yourself.

We know that illness can take a toll on more than just the patient and can last long after treatment, which is why we welcome those who are newly diagnosed or long out of treatment as well as family members and caregivers who are dealing with cancer or a trauma in their lives.

Images of Hope provides healing activities to anyone in El Dorado County impacted by cancer or traumas. We proudly are a fund under the Marshall Foundation for Community Health.

Currently, some of our classes are being done via Zoom due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. New attendees are welcomed and encouraged, and you do not need to have any prior experience in art or movement to join.

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All are welcomed to attend our classes.

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In addition to classes and activities, Images of Hope gives to and receives support from several community partners and events:

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