We thought "Energize" is a great topic to start the new year with, so in addition to a Guided Meditation, we share tips and techniques that will help to recharge your battery and renew your spirit for the beginning of 2022. Here is the link to the class for January >>

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Also, here's an essential oil tip - use a diffuser to promote an energizing mood with peppermint essential oil. Using peppermint in the daytime is naturally energizing and relieves mental and physical fatigue. It is a wonderful oil for digestive problems, helps ease headaches, and sinus congestion. Inhale the scent or place it on a tissue and keep the tissue nearby for the lasting and energizing scent of peppermint.

Additional Resources:

With optimistic wishes for your New Year, Alison and Jennifer

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and we will be thinking of you all

Alison and Jennifer

Jan 26, 2022
12:00 AM PST to 11:59 PM PST
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Virtual Event

Please note that this is a virtual event and has no physical location.