Our theme for August is Creativity, and we have a guided meditation as well as essential oil tips with Jennifer aimed at relaxation and self-expression. Alison provides instruction on how to create and use a mandala for focus and expression of your own inner reality.

The YouTube link is  Before watching the video, you might want to gather a few simple mandala-making supplies: piece of paper, ruler, pen and/or pencil, and a compass (or some circular objects of different sizes such as a small plate or cup to outline as a pattern) unless you are comfortable drawing freehand circles.

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For the essential oils - diffuse or smell the bottle
  • Frankincense: helps mental blocks, adds inspiration, reduces stress
  • Orange: enhances mental clarity, promotes joy and positive insight
  • Lavender: relieves tension, mental and physical, relaxes the mind and body
With gratitude, Alison and Jennifer

Aug 29, 2022
12:01 AM PDT to 11:59 PM PDT
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Virtual Event

Please note that this is a virtual event and has no physical location.