Current Classes Offered by Images of Hope

Check our Community Calendar for the most current list and schedule of classes.

Classes are offered free of charge to El Dorado County residents who have been impacted by cancer or other traumas.

You do not need to have any experience with art or movement classes to sign up. Our objective is to offer a healing environment where you can take some time for yourself and enjoy the company of others.

Mindful Movement Series

Mindful Movement
Life can be Hard. These classes can help.

Come, meet yourself with a sense of ease and well-being through body sensing, meditation, and breathing practices which calm the mind, open the heart, and strengthen the body.

Find your inner ally that always holds and supports you when you RELAX and open. And feel the connection and support of this community of heart that meets you here with compassion and understanding.

Do come.

See the Community Calendar for the latest information about the in-person classes.

Linda Ries, RYT 500 and certified iRest yoga Nidra Instructor

Synergy Pilates

Cindy Barnhill

Join Cindy and the Synergy Pilates gang for a little movement Therapy!

Learn the foundational principles of Joseph Pilates and proper body mechanics. Experience how these low impact exercises help develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Exercises range from beginner to intermediate and are modified per individual needs. At Synergy Pilates we strive to develop camaraderie and support for one another. Our main goal is to focus on whole-body health, reconnecting our body, mind, and spirit.

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." (Joseph Pilates)

Cindy is a certified Pilates Instructor, Physical Therapist, and cancer survivor.

Email Cindy at [email protected] for more information.

Also, see the Community Calendar for the upcoming classes.

Cindy Barnhill, PT, MS, NCPTSynergy Pilates

Knitting Classes

Learn to knit with Theresa from One Thread. You will start with basic knitting skills, the move on to your first project. All supplies are included.

See the Community Calendar for more information.

Tranquil Journeys

A relaxing learning experience drawing on the techniques of mindfulness, energy medicine, acupressure and Ayurveda.

Renew your spirit, rejuvenate your connection to the earth, and de-stress. Each session includes a blissful guided meditation.

These sessions are currently on YouTube. See Tranquil Journeys on the Community Calendar for more information.

See below for available classes on YouTube.

Cathie's Paint Parties

Images of Hope is sponsoring a fun art class for you to enjoy on September 16, 1-3pm in Cameron Park. Let’s get our creative juices flowing while being guided for a 2-hour painting class by Cathie Urquhart.

Our class project on September 16th will be “Sunflower Face” inspired by fall favorites. This one is a great project with plenty of help, so “have no fear”.

Includes all supplies. Please sign up early for this class, as seating is limited.

Jaquelynne Mauvais Art Class

If you want a fun experience with paint and colored tissue paper/glue and imagination, this is for you!! No art experience needed for this class at High Sierra Quilters in Placerville on 9/28, 2-5 pm

We will be drawing or painting on a simple posterboard. You may have a subject in mind, or just want to draw geometrical shapes, or have fun with flowers or Palm trees, or landscapes, or just play with color and design, or bring a few pictures from a magazine for inspiration.

We will cut or tear various pieces and sizes of tissue paper and glue them onto your drawing or painting. When that dries, you may want to paint over that and layer colors. This build up is what makes your picture so unique.

This is a fun exercise that you may want to share with the "children" in your life, as they love being so free with their art! Within the first hour or so, you will be amazed at how freeing this is and how lovely your art is!!

Sheri Hoeger Drawing Class

If you’ve ever told yourself you "couldn’t draw"…well, don’t believe everything you think!

The most crucial aspect of learning to draw and the basis for any type of visual art is learning to see. Along with our powers of observation, our perceptions change and deepen as we explore new ways to open ourselves to what is always before us.

Join Sheri as she leads you through some drawing processes designed to build skills by quickly tapping into the parts of our brains that are more intuitive than analytical. It’s fun, low key and can help lead to a strong sense of well-being.