Quilt Auction How To

How to View and Bid on Quilts

Quilt Auction Home Page
Here's what you need to know to view and/or bid on the quilts. The online auction takes place starting at 9 am Pacific Time on September 20 and goes through 9 am Pacific Time on September 30. Note that you can use either a computer, tablet, or smartphone to view/bid.
  • Go to www.biddingowl.com/ImagesofHope. The window that opens is the Images of Hope Online Auction home page (shown at left).
  • Prior to the actual auction start on September 20 (9 am Pacific Time), you can view all the quilts by clicking on View Items, then either clicking on All Items or Quilts. The window that opens shows all the quilts.
  • Click on any one of the quilts and its bid page opens; that page shows:
    • A photo of the quilt on the left
    • The bidding item # and title of that quilt at the top
    • The "Bidding Price at:" shows the current bid; prior to/at the beginning of the auction, this shows the minimum bid
    • Once bidding starts (September 20, 9 AM), how many bids shows below that box
    • The "Retail Value", the "Opening Bid", and the minimum bid increment (once the auction starts, you must bid a minimum of $20 higher than the current bid)
    • The date and time the auction ends (9/30/22 12:00 PM Eastern time (9 AM Pacific time))
    • "Time remaining" shows how many days, hours minutes, and seconds until the auction ends
    • "Description" shows information about the quilt's creation and its size
    • "Additional Information" shows where this quilt is on display in Placerville during the month of May
  • Click on the photo of the quilt and a larger photo of the quilt opens (click the "X" in the upper-right corner to close that view).
  • Click the Images of Hope logo in the upper-left to get back to the auction home page
To bid on a quilt, you first need to register. On the auction home page, click on "Register" in the upper-right of the screen and fill out the "Bidder Sign Up" information. Once you have done that, you can log in to your auction account and bid on the banners beginning at 9 AM Pacific Time on September 20.

Page Showing All Quilts

This is the auction overview page. It shows all the quilts (scroll down to see all the quilts). Each section shows a quilt photo, its title and auction item number, a description, the current bid, and the retail value. Click on a photo to see the bidding page for that quilt.

Wild Pansies Information

This is the actual quilt bid page. It shows a photo of the quilt on the left, the auction item number and title, the bidding price (this shows the minimum bid prior to the start of the auction), the time remaining until the end of the auction, a description of the quilt (with its size), and the Additional Information shows where you can view the quilt during May. Click on the photo to see a larger view of the quilt.

A Zoomed Image of Wild Pansies

When you click on a quilt on the bidding page, this screen opens showing a larger photo of the quilt, its title, description, and size.