Questions, concerns, worries, fears, and hopes are all part of the process for
a patient diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer patients and their families often find it difficult to navigate and process the information needed to sort
through the array of available therapeutic options and decide what is right for them.

In addition to education, outreach, social services as well as printed resources, Images of Hope provides

a vast array of classes, support groups, and services.

  • Onsite American Cancer Society Wig Bank
    • One free wig for anyone going through treatment. Call for an appointment.
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group
    • 1st Thursday of each month at 3:00PM
  • Breast Cancer Support Group 
    • 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:30PM
  • Ostomy Support Group
    • 3rd Thursday of each month @ 1:00PM (held in Suite 600 in Cameron Park)
  • Cancer Screenings
    • Mammogram Assistance Program
    • Free Colon Cancer Screening Kits
  • Transportation Assistance
    • We can assist with finding transportation to your oncology appointments.

There are several resources available in El Dorado County to support those impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Below are just a few:


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